Although there is no official affiliation between TMF and Colorado State University, there has been a strong informal partnership for more than a decade. For example, there have been dozens of CSU researchers and faculty from different academic departments and colleges that have provided expertise to many of the projects supported by TMF.TMF Similarly, TMF has facilitated African studies and research for CSU graduate programs by providing funding, data and logistical support. TMF has worked with the CSU departments of forestry, natural resources, fish and wildlife, soils and crop sciences, and political science and with the Global School of Sustainable Enterprise Program, the Center for Collaborative Conservation, Office of International Programs, CSU Peace Corp Program, and the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory. This unique partnership was not by design, but it has facilitated many educational, research, and conservation achievements by TMF and CSU.

Through our partnerships with organizations such as the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University, Missouri Botanical Garden, U.S. Geological Survey, and the National Wildlife Research Center, the skills of expert ecologists, wildlife biologists, anthropologists, and political scientists are utilized for each project. We also have formed partnerships in Ethiopia, from federal and regional government agencies to universities and local village elders.

Our Partners:

Association for Sustainable Development and Social Progress
Bale Mountains National Park
Banovich Wildscapes Foundation
The Conklin Foundation
Center for Collaborative Conservation
Conservation Force
Dallas Ecological Foundation
Ethiopia Rift Valley Safaris
Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority
Geographic Resource Solutions
Fort Collins Plymouth Congregational Church
Fort Collins Trinity Lutheran Church
Global School of Sustainable Enterprises, Colorado State University
Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University
Nature and Culture International
Peace Corps
Safari Club International Foundation
Safari Club International Chapters: Golden Gate, Pittsburgh,
San Francisco Bay Area, and Tucson
Shikar Safari Club
Terra Novo Ecological Consulting
Thrivent Financial
USDA National Wildlife Research Center
U.S. Embassy
Warner College of Natural Resources, Colorado State University
Wildland Safaris

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