Dinsho Kindergarten

After starting the microfinance program in Dinsho, we were searching for additional ways to help the community.  We approached some community members and learned that land had been set aside for a kindergarten but that there was no money to build it.

Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world with almost 40% of the population living below the poverty line. Education is pivotal for reducing poverty; some research has shown that early educational experiences will greatly influence behavioral, cognitive, and economic progress in later years.  In fact, at a world conference on education, the countries agreed that education is the single most vital element in fighting poverty, empowering women, conserving natural resources, and controlling population growth.

According to UNESCO, in Ethiopia school life expectancy for males is 5.3 years and for females is 4.3 years.   By giving children an early start in learning the basics and becoming accustomed to school, the chances that they will go beyond a primary education increase. 

Two years ago, the cost for materials for a kindergarten with two connected classrooms, each 13 feet by 20 feet, and an adjoining office, 11 feet by 11 feet, plus an out-house  was $8,960. With high inflation in Ethiopia, the cost has increased to at least $13,000.  Note that this is for materials only; the labor will be provided by the community.  The design and cost analysis was prepared with the assistance of a Peace Corps volunteer assigned to Dinsho who has had years of experience in construction.

What will happen if the kindergarten doesn’t get built?  Nothing.  Life will go on the same as it has for decades. What will happen if it is built?  For some of the children, the head start in school will increase their chances of completing enough education to qualify them for a job that will improve their standard of living.

Please make a donation for this worthy project.  Note that it is for the “Dinsho kindergarten.”


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