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In November 2012, Colorado State University officials traveled to Hawassa University in Ethiopia to sign a Memorandum of Understanding joining the two universities into a Strategic Partnership. This partnership encourages units of each institution to share projects, research, faculty, and students to advanceg the knowledge base of both counties. While the Colorado State group was visiting Hawassa, they noticed that the libraries were heavily used, yet had few resources. Tony Frank pledged  Hawassa University President Yosif Mamu a shipment of books and journals to show commitment to the newly formed partnership. Thus, the Books for Ethiopia book drive was born!

The Murulle Foundation will play a major role in this effort. Not only are we organizing the book drive but we will be raising funds to provide sets of text-books for the university. It is rare for the university to have more than a few copies of each text-book. These are kept at the library where the students can check them out for use within the building. With classes of 70-100 students,  book access is extremely difficult for students. We would like to make the book to student ratio much smaller!

Hawassa University is similar to CSU in its academic offerings. It has colleges of Agriculture, Natural Resources, Natural Science, Business, Engineering, Technology, Social Science and Humanities, Medicine and Health Science, Law and Governance, and Veterinary Science.  Also there are programs in Construction Management, Hotel and Tourism Management, and Sports Science. Courses are taught in English and most reference materials are in English.

We are interested in collecting current text books and journals that cover any of the above subjects. We would prefer sets of journals (at least a year) instead of individual copies.

What we can't use:

  • Popular novels (classics are OK)
  • Popular magazines
  • Material older than 15 years - unless it is a subject that hasn't changed considerably
  • Material that is specific to the US (i.e. Colorado Law books, tax laws, US history)
  • Religious books

Drop off locations:

  • For small numbers of books:
    • CSU Bookstore - in boxes outside of the store on the lower level
    • Forestry and Range Stewardship Office - 123 Forestry Building
    • Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory - Natural and Environmental Sciences Building, Main Office, B202, 2nd Floor
    • Microbiology B-116
    • Pathology 110
    • Environmental Health 112
    • Molecular and Radiological Biosciences 308
    • Veterinary Teaching Hospital - Second floor library
    • Physiology 101
    • Anatomy 102
  • For larger donations:
    • Colorado State Forest Service, 3843 LaPorte Ave, Building 1052 Foothills Campus
    • We will pick up of large donations from your home or office, contact: (970)430-8651 for this service or for additional information about the project.
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