Who We Are

TMF addresses specific environmental and social issues by initiating and supporting small-scale projects within regions of biological and cultural significance. Monkey in TreeWe accomplish this by building global partnerships that integrate stakeholders at all levels and promote scientific study, sustainable land use practices, conservation, education, and social equality.

Formed in 2000, TMF largely operates on a volunteer basis. Although TMF’s mission allows us to broadly work throughout sub-Saharan Africa, most of the projects we support are in Ethiopia. Our activities are financed through small grants, private donations, fund-raisers, and memberships.

We focus on a few projects that are centered on a few geographic areas, and we address problems and needs with multiple approaches: 1) science and research, 2) education and training, 3) conservation, and 4) social equality. Collectively, these approaches offer sustainable solutions with lasting impacts. This approach enables us to spend our time, funds, and resources more effectively and efficiently.

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